Port of Barcadera is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all employees, tenants and visitors. The Port of Barcadera is an ISPS port and is secured with a security department with the main office located on the port of Barcadera in the MOB building. In the same building the port of Barcadera is monitored by security personnel via monitors and other sophisticated surveillance systems. The security department is led by the PFSO who is also the main point of contact for security matters. The MOB also serves as an Emergency Command Center in the event of an emergency. Important messages pertaining security will be posted on the WEBsite as required.
Aruba maritime law
Port Access:
Port of Barcadera requires that all persons who have a legitimate reason to enter the port display and/or possess port issued credentials. This is to ensure the safety and security of all individuals and assets at the port of Barcadera. All persons entering the port must:
  1. Obtain and display a Security ID Badge
  2. Possess a Car Pass or
  3. Agree to established Visitor protocols
Non-Badge holders may enter the port only when accompanied by a person who has a valid Security ID Badge on file with the port of Barcadera Security Department.